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The ultimate performance journal that will help improve your game by building lasting skills and habits.

No cricketer masters the game

There is always something to improve

CricNotes is a fun and simple tool that helps you focus on 3 specific skills at a time to get 1% better every time you work on them.

1% doesn’t sound like much, but 1% better every time you train or play, soon adds up to…



in your game

Perfect for players of all ages and skill level

“We have found CricNotes a very useful tool as a youth cricket coach. We highly commend our youth players to get onboard.”


Youth Coach

“I have tried CricNotes recently and it has taken me right back to a time in my life where I was training a lot and thinking about the technical aspects of my game. It has given me a purpose in my weekly training schedule that I had lost for a few years. 

With CricNotes you have a really awesome tool for improving your understanding of your own game, which leads to a better understanding of what it is going to take to play at a higher level.

Thanks for doing CricNotes, it is so cool that developing players will now have the opportunity to follow self-led training plans and make every second of practice sessions meaningful.”


Senior Club Captain

“I’ve been involved in Junior and Youth cricket coaching for 13 years. I believe that a lot of cricket success comes from a strong mental ability, whether that be a belief in your own game, understanding game situations, understanding areas to improve and how to improve right down to decision making of shot selection within half a second when facing a fast bowler. A strong mental game starts with preparation and like in any business a plan recognizing strengths and weaknesses.

CricNotes works well with this model, by writing we tend to think deeper and from those thoughts we tend to problem solve.  The importance of documenting information like in CricNotes works to hold the cricketer accountable to their greatest critic – themselves.

From a coaching platform, it also allows us to review their CricNotes to help them prepare for the next game and develop as a cricketer ensuring we are coaching their needs that they have identified. CricNotes is certainly a must for cricketers who want to continue to develop their game at any level.”


Youth 1st XI Coach

“CricNotes will add focus, intention and self-reflection to otherwise aimless practice.”


Youth Coach

“I used to keep track of my runs in an old exercise book but this would have been perfect to not only tally my runs but keep notes about how I was getting out and what I needed to work on at practice.”


Youth Coach

“CricNotes has been a fantastic tool for our team to reflect on their individual game, so they can evaluate and refine their technique, making them more successful cricketers.”


Junior Coach

“CricNotes is really easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to fill in after training and it helps me remember what I learned.”


Junior Player

Based upon proven player development strategies used by professionals worldwide.

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